Find A Lawyer Who’s Experienced In Arbitration-Jeremy Schulman


When you’re looking for an attorney, it’s important to find one who is familiar with arbitration, someone who has experience in your industry or with your type of arbitration and someone who has gone before Jeremy Schulman the arbitrator that is assigned to your case.
Be Prepared To Present Evidence And Arguments
In most legal disputes, the parties will present evidence and arguments to support their claims, evidence is information that supports your case.
● Testimony from witnesses who saw what happened
● Photos or video recordings of events in question
Arguments are reasons why your evidence should be considered important by a judge or jury, and arguments can take many forms, such as
● Explain why certain facts are relevant to proving liability in your case; for example, if you were involved in an auto accident where other driver ran a red light and struck you head-on, then this fact would be relevant because it shows that the other driver was negligent by driving through an intersection without stopping first at its stop sign or traffic signal light.
Listen Carefully To The Other Side’s Arguments
This is not a time for debate or rebuttal; it is an opportunity for you to understand what your opponent wants from this process and why he or she feels that way. You should also be ready to ask questions about what you don’t understand, especially if it relates specifically to the case at hand.
By asking questions and listening carefully according to Jeremy Schulman, you can better prepare yourself for making counter-arguments later on in the process when necessary or even simply understanding where they’re coming from.
Have An Effective Arbitration Hearing
Arbitration is not like a court case where there are strict rules about what evidence is allowed, who can speak at hearings and how long they have to speak for.
In fact, arbitrators have wide discretion over every aspect of your case from which witnesses they call on Jeremy Schulman behalf of each side or whether they’ll allow live testimony at all. So before going into arbitration make sure you know your rights under its rules; otherwise, you may find yourself unable to understand why things happened in court as they did.