Jeremy Schulman: How To Stay Awesome When On Business Travel


Business travel can be exhausting and tiring. However, there are some great tips on how to stay awesome when traveling for business, removing the tedious tasks and giving you more time to enjoy your trip

Have A Strategy For The Flight

Before your trip, write down what tasks need to get done before you land at your destination Jeremy Schulman, so when you get on board with your laptop or tablet in hand, take care of them right away. If there are certain people you need to reach out to when you land, schedule those calls for first thing after landing (or as soon as possible).

Pack A Kit With All The Necessary Stuff For Your Needs

Bring items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant in case your hotel doesn’t provide them. Also, pack an extra pair of socks and underwear in case they get dirty or lost. The kit should also include items like lip balm and hand sanitizer.

Take Time To Study The Location

When planning your trip, take time to study what makes this place unique. Read up on local history, culture, and cuisine so that when people ask you where they should go while they’re there, you’ll have some ideas to share.

This will also help put things into perspective when dealing with any unexpected challenges that come up during your trip (like getting lost).

Exercise At The Hotel Or Outside

Arrive early at your hotel so you can get some exercise time in before your first meeting or event. Consider taking a walk around the neighborhood instead of taking a cab from the airport. You’ll get some fresh air, see some new things, and de-stress before you even begin your trip.


In the end, staying cool and refreshed often comes down to you. If you’re willing to make a few simple changes to your routine and carry some basic accessories with you, then you can come out on top no matter how grueling your travel schedule becomes. After all, there is life (and business) outside of work.

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