Learning to Interpret and Utilize the Sacred Symbols of Raatijaga



The practice of Raatijaga, often known as “night-very long vigil”, is undoubtedly an ancient craft which has been employed for hundreds of years. It absolutely was once a spiritual training which was carried out in temples and shrines across India. Right now, nevertheless, Raatijaga has grow to be a way to get in touch with the divine and also to experience strong relaxation and revitalisation. Let us have a look in the background of this historical art form and find its beginnings.

Raatijaga extends back to at least the 8th century which is believed to have started in South India. As time passes, it spread all through India and eventually with other areas of Asia also. Within its early days, Raatijaga was primarily employed by yogis, ascetics, and sacred men who would spend the night in prayer, deep breathing, chanting mantras or studying scriptures. This training allowed them to go much deeper inside their religious experience and get comprehension of their innermost getting.

As Raatijaga developed with time, it became more available to every day individuals who were seeking physical and mental well-being along with faith based enlightenment. It began to be used far more widely as a substitute type of recovery and was even trained in many schools through the 1800s. Today, it is still widely used for both physical health rewards such as increasing rest top quality and decreasing stress levels as well as for religious development including linking with one’s better self or building greater consciousness about one’s goal in life.


Raatijaga is definitely an historical art form using a extended record stretching back generations ago. It has been utilized by yogis and sacred men for spiritual development while recently getting open to each day men and women searching for health advantages or just seeking much deeper pleasure experience. Regardless of what your main goal can be, exercising Raatijaga can assist you achieve it! Whether or not you would like increased physical health or spiritual growth—or both—this historic art work can help you attain your required end result and convey you even closer your greatest probable!