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Financing is an essential aspect of running a successful business. It can either make or break your enterprise. However, as an entrepreneur, finding the right financing option can be quite a challenge. You’d want a solution that suits your financial needs and that of your business. Fortunately, when it comes to financing solutions, guaranteed loans canada has something for everyone. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, they have financing solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly. In this article, we’ll focus on the different financing options available at Guaranteed Loans Canada, how they work, and why they are the best fit for entrepreneurs.

1. Secured loans – Secured loans are financing options that require collateral. The collateral can range from personal assets such as homes or cars to business assets such as equipment. At Guaranteed Loans Canada, they offer secured loans with low-interest rates and flexible terms. Also, the amount you can borrow depends on the value of your collateral. This option is best suited for entrepreneurs with poor credit history, new businesses, or those that require a significant amount of money.

2. Unsecured loans – Unsecured loans are financing options that don’t require collateral. These loans are ideal for businesses that can’t offer collateral, such as startups. Guaranteed Loans Canada offers unsecured loans to well-established businesses that require short term financing. However, these loans attract higher interest rates than secured loans.

3. Line of credit – A line of credit is a type of loan that allows businesses to borrow funds as they need it, up to a predetermined limit. At Guaranteed Loans Canada, they offer line of credit, both unsecured and secured. This option is best suited to businesses that experience frequent fluctuations in cash flow or have seasonal business cycles. With a line of credit, you can access funds instantly, repay at your pace, and only pay interest on the amount borrowed.

4. Equipment financing – Equipment financing is a financing solution that involves borrowing to purchase equipment for your business. With Guaranteed Loans Canada, you can easily finance new or used equipment, heavy machinery, or any other plant assets. This financing option is ideal for businesses that need new equipment but do not have the available capital to finance it.

5. Merchant Cash Advance – This financing option is best suited for businesses that accept credit card payments. A merchant cash advance allows you to access fast financing based on your credit card sales. The loan amount is determined by your business’s average credit card sales per month. The repayment is made through a percentage of future credit card sales. This option is quick, flexible, and available to businesses with poor credit history.

As an entrepreneur, finding the right financing option can be challenging. However, with Guaranteed Loans Canada, you are guaranteed to find a solution that best suits your business’s financial needs. From secured loans to merchant cash advances, they have an array of financing solutions to choose from. Their offerings are flexible and secure, designed to ensure your business runs smoothly. With Guaranteed Loans Canada, you can access financing quickly and repay at your pace, without worrying about exorbitant interest rates.