Torus Skirting: Classic Profiles for Modern Homes


In terms of home decor, skirting boards are certainly not normally first thing that pops into your head. Nonetheless, these small developments can make a big impact on the complete feel and look of any room. Skirting boards provide both protection for wall space and a elaborate touch. In this particular blog post, we gives you a complete self-help guide to skirting boards, everything you should know to make the most efficient determination for your house.

Varieties of Skirting Boards:

There are many varieties of torus to select from, such as MDF, Pine, Oak, and Pvc material. MDF (Moderate Denseness Fiberboard) is really a preferred option as it is cost-effective and straightforward to set up. Pine is another choice that may be commonly used, due to its organic timber grain accomplish. Oak can be a high quality option, supplying a wealthy and elegant accomplish that may be both resilient and extended-enduring. Pvc material skirting boards are an alternative choice to timber, and therefore are well-known in washrooms and kitchen areas due to their water resistant and very low-servicing attributes.

Kinds of Skirting Boards:

There are a array of skirting board variations to choose from to accommodate the design of your own home. The most common types include Ogee, Chamfered, Torus, Bullnose and Sq. Ogee skirting board is really a timeless type that has been used for generations. Its curved form provides a lavish effect to your rooms. Chamfered skirting is really a a lot more modern day and minimalistic choice and might give a modern-day feel to some place. Torus and Bullnose skirting are well-liked for their efficiency, when Rectangular skirting creates a neat and distinct look in an area.

Height of Skirting Boards:

The size of the skirting board can easily make a large effect on the complete appearance and feel of any place. The regular height for skirting boards varieties from 70mm to 150mm. Nevertheless, bigger skirting boards can also add splendour to some room and make up a more high-class seem. A level of 120mm to 150mm is actually a well-known selection for this outcome. However, reduced skirting board heights of about 70mm to 100mm can produce a space truly feel more roomy.


The installation of skirting boards is really a work that can be done by way of a specialist or from a skilled DIY fan. The key into a effective installation is to make certain that the surfaces and flooring are neat and free of moisture before fitting the skirting boards. It is also vital that you look at the skirting board precisely and make the grade effectively, to ensure that it matches snugly up against the walls. To make sure a effortless accomplish, it is strongly recommended to employ a mitre discovered for developing the appropriate perspectives and corners.


Skirting boards demand tiny routine maintenance but you should keep them clean. Airborne dirt and dust and debris can accumulate, therefore it is advised to clean them regularly having a humid towel and mild detergent. Avoid using tough chemicals or abrasives, as this can harm the skirting board area. If the skirting boards become ruined, they can be substituted or fixed fairly very easily.


Skirting boards certainly are a little but vital part of home decor. Choosing the right variety, fashion, and size can make a large effect on the overall appearance and feel of your place. Following this complete guide to skirting boards, hopefully you will be now built with the knowledge to make the most efficient decision for your home. Recall, usually calculate accurately, and keep them clean to keep up their seem and functionality for a long time.