Vintage-Style Wolf Tooth Collar Necklace


A real wolf tooth necklace is actually a beautiful and different piece of precious jewelry that may be donned by both women and men. The necklace is made of a genuine wolf tooth which has been carefully picked due to its size and shape. The teeth will then be occur a metallic pendant and hung on a robust, adjustable power cord.

Wolf tooth are believed to have unique capabilities and they are often donned nearly as good good fortune charms. They are also loved by hunters and outdoorsmen since they are thought to provide power and courage. Whether or not you choose to put on your wolf tooth necklace being a design declaration or as a sign of power, it is certain to get noticed!

How to pick the right Wolf Tooth Necklace

When shopping for a wolf tooth necklace, there are some things you should bear in mind in order to find the ideal choice for you. First, think about how big the teeth. You need to ensure that the tooth is just not not big enough or too big for your personal liking. 2nd, consider the environment in the pendant. The environment ought to be durable and well-created in order to guarantee the wolf tooth remains securely in position. Last but not least, take note of the length of the power cord or sequence. You’ll would like to pick a duration that may be secure for you to put on on a daily basis.

Unique Wolf Teeth Pendants

If you are searching to get a truly distinctive wolf tooth necklace, there are many choices available. 1 option is to achieve the necklace tailor made with your selection of supplies and design. Another choice would be to invest in a retro or collectible wolf tooth necklace from a trusted jeweler. Whichever route you choose to go, you can be certain that the wolf tooth necklace will likely be 1-of-a-type!


A wolf tooth necklace makes a excellent present for virtually any celebration! If you are shopping for yourself or even for somebody else, keep these pointers at heart to find the right wolf tooth necklace. Because of so many variations offered, you are sure to get one that matches your taste completely. So what are you currently awaiting? Start off searching for your very own wolf tooth necklace these days!