With David Woroboff, you will find innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions


The speed of the internet and the region’s topography present themselves as a great opportunity; specialists will be available in remote places or where there are none, and what is wanted is to take advantage of this through telehealth tools.
One of David Woroboff’s types of telemedicine is uploading medical images to the cloud and having experts available for study. It is a model that is not new, but it still has a lot to grow and improve.
The health services platform of this specialist seeks to meet all needs, and it seems that it succeeds. After years of work, this platform has many registered users, representing exponential growth compared to the previous year. David Woroboff offers this wide catalog of services and has many professionals in its medical directory, allowing access to many clinical specialties.
In a hyper-connected world with practically instantaneous communication, remote medicine services allow people to get the health care or assistance they need whenever and wherever they are.

Access to consultations from a distance

The use of new and advanced tools by David Woroboff to digitize the information that a therapist uses in telerehabilitation has made it possible to improve cooperation between research instances in telemedicine.
This project was born to find innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions in electronic health, one of the areas in which digitization is advancing at the highest speed. Since the pandemic broke out, it is increasingly common for medical consultations to be carried out through what is known as telemedicine.

Endless ways to stay connected

According to David Woroboff, telehealth is here to stay and has digital services and tools that allow us to diagnose and treat different injuries and diseases. Said services are provided through video consultations, telephone consultations, health applications, or through different contact platforms.